Name Development

Got a great concept or product, but stuck for a name? Don’t worry we have you sorted. Building a brand is tough work, establishing your brand name is so important – however, it is not an easy task. Lucky for you, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We have processes in place to make this a collaborative and exciting experience. A brand name is your first impression, it is how your business is identified and will depict how your audience approaches you. Our initial brainstorm starts with the process of ‘why’. We need to identify what you’re trying to communicate to your audience in order to attract your prime consumer. To build a name that resonates it needs to reflect your businesses goals, values and vision. Our name development services are not just for a new business, if you are stuck on a product name, publication name, or vision for a new collection, product or service we can help build names that resonate and reflect. The world is saturated with names so we want to make sure yours sits on the top shelf.

How it works.

It all starts with hitting that button (enquire now). From here we will touch base with you and send over our banjo questionnaire. We take the plunge to get the 411 on your business. We will ask you to send through any collateral you have that could be useful to us. This can be inclusive of your own DIY brainstorm, a brief on your expectations for a name and also existing brand names that already resonate with you. From here you have two options:

  1. The Collaborative Process:
    We arrange a time with you and have an hour of power, a coffee fuelled and passion driven brainstorm,  where we navigate through your brand’s ‘why’ and establish some name options that align with you. From here we take this list and develop position statements, concepts and rationales to then bring back to you.
  2. The Surprise & Delight Process:
    You leave it up to us. Again, our BDH team takes part in a unique brainstorm, effectively coming up with 4 powerful brand names aligned with position statements and rationales to suit you.

Within this fun and fast paced process, we will also conduct a domain search to ensure the names we provide you with are available, before securing your chosen one for you. Not happy after that first round of results? Thats okay! Good things take time. We can go back for round 2, using your feedback to have another crack. The end result – a brand spankin’ name fit to your brand that resonates with you and your audience.