Logo & Branding Refresh

As they say, nothing lasts forever (if someone tells you different, they’re lying). You may be starting to think that your current branding and logo could do with a bit of an upgrade and spruce up. You may even just be after some tweaks and a little refresh to streamline and unify your branding, so that everything is on point – like your Monday morning coffee. If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s strip it back to the bones to empower your brand to capitalise on every touch point. It really can make all the difference. Your brand will feel as though it has just had a fresh cut and colour.

How it works.

Firstly, we will schedule an hour of power. In this time we will strip back decode your current branding to establish,  what can stay and what needs to go. We will also discuss your current assets, brand direction and strategy – at this stage we will have a mutual understanding of how much flexibility we have to refresh and improve. We like to look at it as, a brand on vacation. Whilst your brand is on vacay, we offer our branding expertise with the best strategy moving forward. Honesty is the best policy, we supply you with constructive feedback that is unique to your brand. This process is completely individual – one size never fits all. That’s why our approach and strategy for your refresh is tailor-made for you and your projects needs. We won’t stop until your brand is ready to head back home and walk off the plane with that holiday glow.

01 Moodboard.

In phase one we put together a moodboard to capture the visual direction for your brand. This helps clarify and build your brand visually through a mix of images, type and colour. This moodboard ensures we are on the same page, sets the tone for your newly developed brand direction and gives you a good idea of how your project will start to unfold. In this phase we start to shape your brand with a suggested colour palette, concept imagery and key words to fit your brand and its position moving forward. This moodboard will be referenced throughout the whole creative process to guarantee a seamless product. All of the branding elements will be supplied to you in the final stages of our hand over in a crisp branding document, also known as the brand guide.

02 Logo.

Now we have quite literally set the tone for your brand refresh strategy with your moodboard, it’s time to get the ball rolling on 2 – 3 logo refinements. We will present you with a logo proposal, as this is only a logo refresh the concepts provided will be utilising your existing branding with adjustments and refinement of your exisiting logo. The key focus is to improve what is currently existing. Minor adjustments can make a big difference, alterations to type, colour and stroke can turn your logo into a strongly identified brand. This proposal is paired with various colour palettes, imagery and mockups so you can see the potential use of your refreshed logo in real-life mediums. After the logos are presented, you will be given two rounds of amends to revise your chosen concept, this is so we can refine and deliver the best concept. Once your logo has been polished we will provide you with your full logo in the appropriate file formats.

03 Brand Guide.

What is a brand guide, you ask? A brand guide is your bible. This document outlines all the nitty gritty elements to your branding and explains how to implement them with consistency across all of your marketing. Your brand guide provides you with detailed instructions on how and where to best use your logo (for both digital and print use), the primary and secondary font suites, colour palette and values (CMYK, RGB, HEX), suggested logo usage on preferred mediums, image direction, with social media content in mind and some design rules to ensure your branding stays consistent. This guide is to help you streamline your branding and seamlessly implement your logo and assets across your business. No brand guide is the same, each one is made specifically to suit you and the amount of work needed to execute your brand. It will become your new partner in crime.