Digital & Web Design

Thinking it’s time to get online? Let’s get digital. No matter who you are – a blogger, merchant, consultant, startup, small or large business. Let’s build your own custom online home. The digital world is a competitive, growing space – so let’s build a site that is designed with purpose and custom crafted to suit you. We are ready to set your vision into motion.

Let’s Talk.

It all starts with hitting that button (enquire now). From here we will touch base with you and send over our banjo questionnaire. We take the plunge to get the 411 on your business, we will ask you to send through any collateral you have that could be useful to us. As we capture your brief we will send over some paperwork – once the 50% deposit is paid we will arrange a time to have an hour of power. This will be time to discuss and refine all elements needed for your custom site.

How it works.

Before we get clicking, we need to be on the same page. We evaluate your needs and future goals for the site, we find that most of our clients come to us with with a basic brief covering all assets needed for the project. We like to push the boundaries a little and make sure there is room for growth, wherever possible we will set your website up so there is opportunity to do more at a later date.

01 Design.

When designing your site there are key items we need to ensure consistency and brand alignment. If we haven’t worked with you previously we ask for your current brand guide (if you have one) logo, fonts, colour palettes, and any branding you have handy. We will also discuss an imagery and content plan – to establish whether it is being provided or if you are leaving it up to the experts (us).

02 Development.

No website is the same, just like each business is different! We will advise specific platforms to suit your brand and the projects needs. Your site is an extension of your entire business strategy, this is why we need to create a seamless experience for the audience visiting your site. Our custom built websites are developed with strategy in mind, innovative designs to provide ultimate user experience, functionality and express navigation. Fonts, colour palettes, content and imagery are all crafted to to align with your branding – making sure your website is looking sleek. Once we present the website, we allow one to three rounds of feedback to make sure your website is the perfect fit for you.

eCommerce Site.

Are you selling (or about to sell) a physical product, digital product or a service online? If yes, eCommerce is for you! We like this process to be collaborative, starting with our hour of power to establish all of your touch points, consumer needs and essential elements for your site. Our key focus is your customer journey, we want to make this as seamless as possible, eliminating any pain points for the user. We hone in on smooth navigation and develop with consideration into SEO so your audience can find you. Once we are happy we will present the final version to you, we allow up to three rounds of feedback to ensure you are completely satisfied with your brand new online store.

Personal Blog / Service / Content Site

Are you a blogger, consultant, startup, creative or just anyone who would like an online presence. A content site is for you! As mentioned previously, we start the collaborative process with an hour of power. This gets the ball rolling and the keyboard tapping. We establish what you need covered on your site, from navigation touch points to colour palettes and fonts. Leave it with us to design and develop and we will get back to your with the final product. We allow up to three rounds of feedback to ensure a smooth transition into your online home.