Brand Guide

What is a brand guide, you ask? A brand guide is your bible, the 411 on your business, your guardian angel – you get the picture. It is a unique document that speaks for your brand, containing all the nitty gritty elements that make your brand look so damn fine. This document is utilised as a concise guide in order to keep your branding consistent across all of your vital customer touch points. This guide is great to share with new members to the team as it outlines your whole entire brand, ensuring nothing is left behind – this is vital to a strong growing business.

The brand guide is completely unique to your business, inclusive of all styling and branding elements. The brand guides depth is all dependant upon on what we do for you – some include your brand story, values and vision. Others may just be a simple style guide for your business. Whatever it is, its main focus is to keep consistency and supply clarity across your brand.

You brand guide is all a part of the creative process. It initially starts with an hour of power where the branding identity, strategy and direction unfolds. We document each touch point as we immerse ourselves into your brand, every asset, vision and value is compiled into one clear and consistent strategy. All of this information is streamlined into your brand guide in order for you to achieve clarity when communicating to your audience.

The end result leaves you with a beautifully developed document that establishes your brand vision, values, personality, tone of voice and social presence along with a style guide to ensure you look good (all of the time). The styling side of things provides you with detailed instructions on how and where to best use your logo (for both digital and print use). We also deliver the primary and secondary font suites, colour palette and values (CMYK, RGB, HEX), suggested logo usage on preferred mediums, image direction – with social media content in mind and some design rules to ensure your branding stays consistent. The end result is a streamlined brand that is seamless across your businesses critical customer touch points. This my friend, is your guardian angel – giving your consistency across all internal and external communication sources. Loud and proud.