Brand Strategy

Good business is good design (and vice versa). To do good business you need an even better brand strategy. One that is clear and concise that fits your vision. We want to take the time to find your voice so that you are able to communicate cohesively to your market. Prior to taking the plunge into the aesthetics, we will take the time to discover the ‘why’ to implement the ‘how’ for your brand. You may be planning your next business venture or maybe your current brand needs a refresh with a new strategy and direction. Either way, our team is here to help give you the creative direction you need in order to satisfy your bottom line. We will use our expertise in business and design to develop your brand position to create a strategy that exceeds expectation.   


Let’s Talk.

We will initially start off with an hour of power, which gives us the opportunity to get to know you, your brand and your business goals. During this time we want to discover your pain points to initiate an action plan to dissolve these issues. This hour is utilised to get you excited about the venture ahead, we want to put pen to paper and capture your ideas, build inspiration and give you confidence moving forward. During this session we will talk strategy, establishing clear steps for your brand and its positioning. This session allows us to identify your target market, find your tone of voice and establish your digital presence.

This initial consultation will take place over Skype or in our Studio (with coffee, of course). Prior to this we will get you to complete our banjo questionnaire. This gives us an opportunity to research and review your current assets to establish a brand understanding. We also ask that you provide us with a list of pain points, challenges and goals you have moving forward so our team is prepared for the session. This process is collaborative and it is important we gain insight into your brand to establish its ‘why’.

Why, you ask?

Your brand strategy is the heart and soul of your business positioning. We take the plunge into your business, strip it back, and then develop a plan. A plan that will lead your market, build personal relationships with your audience, overcome the competition (because a little bit of competition is healthy, right?) and most importantly give you a strategy to help you thrive. We want your audience to feel personally attached to your brand and physically connected.

Is this for you?

– Are you an entrepreneur?
– A start up?
– Are you a marketing guru working on a rebrand or launch?
– Do you have a strong vision for your brand?
– Are you a growing business?
– Are you looking to streamline your brand strategy?
– An established business looking to expand? Tap into new markets?
– Need help building a strategy in order to communicate with your consumer?